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Why some people don't knit...

Feb 21, 2003 Rhymes with Orange by Hilary Price - a great cartoonist.
Feb 21 Rhymes with Orange
Can be found at Seattle Post Journal
From the Feb 17, 2003 New Yorker by Victoria Roberts
New Yorker Cartoon
My mother was an constant knitter. She knitted while reading a book or while watching television. A good portion of her clothes were her creations. I still have quite a few of the sweaters she made for me, although I rarely wear sweaters - flannel shirts work better for me. When she died, I gave away close to 100 sweaters and some other knitted garments and sent five cartons of wool, knitting needles, and knitting books to an out-of-town friend and old-time knitting partner.

I'm sure she would have gotten along quite well with susandennis.

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How do people with cats manage to keep the balls of yarn safe?

How nice of you to send her knitting stuff on to her knitting buddy! My sister will have her hands full when I die and she has to clear our my knitting crap! She'll be pissed becaue I have very few finished items in my home. They are all given away pretty quickly after finishing. But, like any knitter, I have tons of yarn, needles, books and a good bit of etc.!

But, mainly I love that knitting is making such a comeback that we have cartoons about it now! Excellent!!!

My mother used to knit quite a bit too. She was also fond to crochet. At one time she even taught me to knit, but I haven't touched a pair of needles in at least 20 years.

So you are one of -those- people who can . . .

I am in the category of people with a sweater project that wasn't working out and got busy with the rest of my life.

Where is jss1113 when we need him?

Unable to get here due to travel (job innervoos) and a DDoS attack on LJ.

Only 100 sweaters? Amateur, poseur, wannabe. I'm well over 300 now (and got 3 more on, um, Thursday).

I learned to knit when I was working the Command Post in USAFE. Lots of time at night with nothing to do. Now I am too busy (not to mention having a cat).

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