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Why some people don't knit...

Feb 21, 2003 Rhymes with Orange by Hilary Price - a great cartoonist.
Feb 21 Rhymes with Orange
Can be found at Seattle Post Journal
From the Feb 17, 2003 New Yorker by Victoria Roberts
New Yorker Cartoon
My mother was an constant knitter. She knitted while reading a book or while watching television. A good portion of her clothes were her creations. I still have quite a few of the sweaters she made for me, although I rarely wear sweaters - flannel shirts work better for me. When she died, I gave away close to 100 sweaters and some other knitted garments and sent five cartons of wool, knitting needles, and knitting books to an out-of-town friend and old-time knitting partner.

I'm sure she would have gotten along quite well with susandennis.

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