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The 5th sentence from the Post #23 Meme

Stolen from various friends:

Delve into your LJ archives and find your 23rd post.
Find the fifth sentence of that post.
Post it here.

I don't usually do these, but I looked and found a good one in my Friday Feb 14, 2003 entry.
I've often fantasized that at the intermission, people should switch to the mirror image seat so that each buttock gets equal time on the downhill side.

the actual entry
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I knew you were talking about Jordan Hall!

Friday, January 2, 2004:

The rest of us arrive with aprons and knives, if we desire, whereupon we are handed recipes and ingredients and off we go.

Here's mine, assuming I've counted correctly:

We've seen this before, and sometimes discovered too late that what eventually happens is that the bird exhausts itself trying to beat its way through the netting, and dies.

From this post (August, 5, 2003).

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