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LaborDay Camping trip

the PieAs we've done for the past few years, a bunch of us (contra dancers) go camping on Labor Day weekend. This year we went to Brighton State Park in Vermont at Island Pond which is close to Canada. We were pretty lucky with the weather - Ernesto raged around and had threatened lots of rain. We had two 10x10 canopies to place over the tables to protect us and the food when it did rain. Actually there was a bit on Saturday night, and some more Sunday night, but never enough to interfere or have us get wet.

splitting maulWe rented four campsites.We used one for cooking and eating and the others were where we had our tents. We used my car to store food to prevent it from being attacked by animals. Other than Ember, Jeff's hearing dog, and some neighboring dogs I never saw any animals. A second's sites fireplace was used by Jeff to make his fabulous desserts (Peach Cobbler and Apple Pie). The pie was baked in a dutch oven that has a special lid that can hold coals; charcoal was used since it burns longer. I brought along my steel handle splitting maul which is a pretty foolproof way to split logs, not requiring much skill.

Dining is the big thing on these trips and that includes preparing, cooking, eating, and washing up. There was a bit of time left over for hiking or trips to Canada.


Killing the Pie

At Dinner

Mike was dishwasher extrordinaire

A very brief movie
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