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A very successful fund raising Contra Dance

Chris RicciottiSeveral months ago, Chris Ricciotti, the Queen Mum of gender-role free contra dancing severely injured his hand. Several surgeries were needed that included a wrist to finger nerve graft and he expects complete recovery - he's doing well already. Since he has little medical insurance some of us decided to hold a fund raising Contra Dance in the JP church where we usually dance.

The event was on Friday night. It was very successful with lots of dancers and some donations from out-of-town dancers. The cost was $0!. Three bands (Contra Loco, Spank Me!, and Free Association); four callers (Linda Leslie, Bob Golder, Barb Kirchner, and Tony Parkes) donated their services; the UU Church in JP let us use the space for no fee; and many people brought dessert food.

I, an inexperienced sound engineer, ran the sound with the help/advice/hindrance of multiple people. The hall is very reverberant, there was lots of crowd noise, constant changing of callers with different voice characteristics and periodic changes of bands made it quite challenging. Also the sound board is at the front of the hall but the sound in the back of the hall is the problem. It would take lots of really long cables to fix that.

It was a great night. We have a great supportive community. The energy was good, the bands and callers were all excellent.

Kudos to Mike Miller who was the chief organizer of this event.

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That's a lovely picture of a lovely man.

Kudos to Mike Miller who was the chief organizer of this event.

I'm still kicking myself for not grabbing the microphone before (or after) the last dance to thank Mike publicly. He probably would have been embarrassed to death, but he definitely deserved the recognition.

Actually, that picture looks like it was taken before the Flood.


Now, now, be nice.

Yeah, all right, the picture wasn't taken this year, which does not for one moment alter the truth of my first sentence above.

oh, hurray! what a lovely thing to do--i'm glad it went so well!

Ilya spearheaded a tiny fundraising drive at our Friday dance in NYC, too — originally someone was to hand-deliver the cash to Chris on Saturday, but it was decided instead to mail him a check. Anyway, it's not a ton of money, but it's significant enough to help, I think.

That's wonderful! Thanks to Ilya, and to all of you.

The square dancers at Make Waves For Ducklings also were generous in the fundraiser for Chris. We'll figure out how to get the money to him. The Friday dance sounds like it was fun.

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