JWG (jwg) wrote,

How many mice?

In the comic strip Judge Parker it has been revealed a problem at Abby's farm where the amount of feed doesn't match what the computer says there should be. Ragu, a geek from India, goes to look into the problem, discovers the computer software is fine and concludes from observation that the feed is being eaten by mice. Today Abby says
"Are you saying mice ate a ton of feed in less than a year".

Upon reading this at lunch I started to blurt out:
"How many mice...."

rsc, who was doing a Sudoku, reading the bridge column or some similar thing said before I finished the sentence:
"No, I'm not doing this"

At which I burst into giggles and interjected:
"this is what happens when we've lived together so long".

Assuming a mice can eat about an ounce a day then 2000*16/300= 107, so the answer is 107 mice.

And now off to dance camp.

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