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Buoy 23

In the Annisquam River, which is really a tidal inlet into Gloucester Harbor, there are Green and Red Buoys on each side of the channel. They are quite necessary since the tidal difference is as much as 12ft and there are lots of sand bars that occasionally hang up a boat who isn't paying attention. The green ones are on the port side on the way into the Harbor and the red ones are on the starboard side.

Across the road from our house and down a couple of houses there is a right of way to the river where we keep our canoe. And out in the water not very far away is Buoy 23.

What is amusing is that when you drive into downtown Gloucester at a spot that we pass frequently since it is on our route to one of the supermarkets, the railroad station, and other downtown destinations you see another instance of Buoy 23 also used to direct traffic.

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Having grown up on the coast of Maine, I find this stuff heartwarming. Love it.

And, as I've frequently pointed out, the sandbar that the aquatic Buoy 23 marks would be considerably less of a trap if Buoy 22 were not mysteriously missing.

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