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Time Out

When we moved back from Gloucester I noticed that one of my clocks was off by 8 hours. Now we have had some NStar power outages but I doubted if they were that much time over the summer. I reset it and several days later it was 10 minutes off. I thought that these simple synchronous motor clocks couldn't do this.

Anyway it had given good service; I'll bet it is at least 40 years old.

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I would have disconnected it from the electricity myself

you threw it out while it was still plugged in?

or was it inside a metal rubbish bin to make its alarum noise that much louder?

- - - curious in trawna

Re: I would have disconnected it from the electricity myself

To set the record straight.

The cord with a plug on the left is from the clock. The cord that goes under it which is also not plugged in is for a slide viewer. The third, browner, cord is plugged in and is for a slide sorting table.

The boxes of slides and slide viewers have been sitting there for several years awaiting a project to scan my most interesting slides which I discovered when I started was too much work.

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