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Correct Crackers

In our household(s) we have various kinds of crackers that we keep near the kitchen table(s) where we usually eat. Often for lunch, we have a few with some form of fruit preserves placed on them. In the interests of full disclosure I will admit that we have an array of jars of preserves on a shelf in the refrigerator(s) and always take from the left and return to the right so that they all get equal turns and no-one has to make a decision about selection. One kind of crackers that we like because they are slightly sweet are Carr's Whole Wheat Crackers. These are called Correct Crackers. This naming is due to a situation when rsc bought a box of crackers that he thought were this type but were not - I said they were incorrect and now this type is always referred to by its new name.

Correct Crackers

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Sometimes abbreviated to "Corrects".

Actually, they're incorrect. They should be "Whole Wheat Biscuits" for the proper effect. Take it from a Brit. Carr's are pandering to Americans by changing their name--they should instead pander to the Anglophiles over there and resolutely stick to "biscuits".

Well, probably not if they want to sell large quantities.

the preserves situation is parallel to the breakfast cereal situation isn't it? several types, pick the box on the {left|right}, return to the storage shelf at the other end to keep the stock rotating properly.

I seem to recall a motss post to that effect anyway

the standard rule: serve from the right, take from the left

our rule: take from the left, put back on the right

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