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Give a Bug a Second Chance!

While looking at the latest Gardener's Supply catalog, I espied this Bug Vacuum Wand, a most ridiculous device that might actually work:

Bug vacuum Wand

The catalog description says: This humane device lets you relocate insects from your house back into the garden where they belong. With the push of a button, the vacuum wand captures spiders, moths, bees, even wasps and hornets for release outdoors, without harm to them or to you! It's great for kids' science projects and for identifying unknown insects on your plants.

I wonder what else it is good for?

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This device used to be called a pooter. I am sad to see that lovely onomatopoeic name has been lost :)

I'd buy one if you could add a grinder to it - a pooter grinder? Or a small jar - pooter pot?

I vacuum both the soybean beetles and wasps with the shop vac and let them decide who will win.

A sawed-off shotgun is much more effective, and you can often get more than one at once.

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