JWG (jwg) wrote,

Nice work Mac OS X

I got a new B&W laser printer the other day - a Samsung 2571-N (N means network ready).

I unpacked it and to keep things simple I hooked it up to my windows machine via USB since there was a cable sitting there. The Network manual talked about installing some other software in order to configure it and I didn't feel like doing that. I put the printer software CD in my Windows machine (running XP) and when I clicked install it took about 5 minutes and installed a jillion things. I tested it and it worked.

I then put the CD in my iMac and it took about 5 seconds to install the driver. I then added this printer to my list of printers that I print on with Windows printing and it was fine. rsc Complained that when I print anything from my iMac it steals his top window.

So found an ethernet cable and plugged it into my route and the printer. For curiousness I looked up in the DHCP table of the router to see what IP address it had been assigned and using my web browser I was able to see it, but I changed nothing. Then I went to the Printer Setup utility and when I clicked add printer it found this printer automatically via Bonjour, discovered what kind of a printer it was, and I was done. And it works. I suppose I'd have to stand on my head to make this work on the Windows machine but I don't need to do it since it is hooked up by USB. It's about time to ditch the Windows machine and this time get an Intel iMac.

It's a nice printer, although a bit noisy. It cost $161 at MacMall with shipping but I can get a $21 rebate on the shipping and Samsung has a $50 mailin rebate for the printer so its going to end up costing $90.

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