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Nice work Mac OS X

I got a new B&W laser printer the other day - a Samsung 2571-N (N means network ready).

I unpacked it and to keep things simple I hooked it up to my windows machine via USB since there was a cable sitting there. The Network manual talked about installing some other software in order to configure it and I didn't feel like doing that. I put the printer software CD in my Windows machine (running XP) and when I clicked install it took about 5 minutes and installed a jillion things. I tested it and it worked.

I then put the CD in my iMac and it took about 5 seconds to install the driver. I then added this printer to my list of printers that I print on with Windows printing and it was fine. rsc Complained that when I print anything from my iMac it steals his top window.

So found an ethernet cable and plugged it into my route and the printer. For curiousness I looked up in the DHCP table of the router to see what IP address it had been assigned and using my web browser I was able to see it, but I changed nothing. Then I went to the Printer Setup utility and when I clicked add printer it found this printer automatically via Bonjour, discovered what kind of a printer it was, and I was done. And it works. I suppose I'd have to stand on my head to make this work on the Windows machine but I don't need to do it since it is hooked up by USB. It's about time to ditch the Windows machine and this time get an Intel iMac.

It's a nice printer, although a bit noisy. It cost $161 at MacMall with shipping but I can get a $21 rebate on the shipping and Samsung has a $50 mailin rebate for the printer so its going to end up costing $90.

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So wait, it's now connected via two interfaces (USB, Ethernet) at the same time? Never heard of that! What happens if you both try to print at the same time?

Interesting about stealing the top window. Haven't experienced that on this windows machine with a windows machine as the remote printer. But then, that's all about to change with the replacement of this desktop with an intel iMac.

But dang, prices have come down! We got the 2250 (not network-ready) for about that not even a year ago.

Even my 10 year or more old LaserWriter 360 that is destined for the scrap heap can deal with simultaneous multiple connections (Appletalk and Parallel Port).

Samsung has a $50 mailin rebate

For a moment I read that as "$50 million" and thought "whoa! we should order a few more of these."

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