JWG (jwg) wrote,

Leather World

No, this is not an event like MidAtlantic Leather.

Today I got a catalog from Leather World. It has some pretty ridiculous things in it. To top it off almost none of them have anything to do with leather. Here are some of the hot items:

● A talking fly swatter for $15 that says things like flight grounded or gotcha when you swat a fly.

● A battery operated marshmallow toaster - with prongs for 3 marshmallows for $20/

● An automatic hot dog grill roller for $45.

● Instant snowball maker (set of 2) - tong-like device that make a snowball for $16.

● Under Home & Office computer accessories they have chamois computer screen cleaners in monkey, leopard, race car and a couple of others for only $12.

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