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Philosophical changes in our household

For many years the people who live in our house have had a management structure. There has been someone in charge who takes care of daily operations and of course when we are away takes overall responsibility for the household. For the past few years Teddy, our senior bear, has been the one in charge. For a while he had an elaborate structure with department managers and other deputies, so for example Xerxes was head lion, Lawrence, our Koala, was his regular substitute for those times when he was on vacation and during his one-month sabbatical last year. In the early days, Martha, the monkey, was in charge, but she turned out to be too bossy, created too many rules and in addition to causing some palace revolts ended up having a nervous breakdown. That was when Teddy took over. Recently Teddy had been demanding additional percs but we had been denying them.

Management meetingSuddenly over the weekend there was a managers' conference. Teddy, Martha, and Lawrence were the attendees. Later Xerxes, Paul - a leopard who is particularly good at inter-personnel relations and Michael, a dog who is the only member of the household who wears clothes (thanks to fj who had been shocked that we had these naked people in our house) joined them.

On Monday they leaked that there were going to be some big changes and that there was to be an all people group meeting on Tuesday during breakfast and that we were to come to it after breakfast.

At this after-breakfast meeting (rsc is seen taking attendance before the meeting to make sure that everyone is there) Teddy explained that they had heard me talking about The Starfish and the Spider, that some of them had read it, and that effective immediately they were switching to a decentralized organization with no individual in charge. They assured us that they'd all be responsible and that things would work much better with this new system with improved productivity. And now it is a done deal and everything is running fine.
Management meeting

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ohhhh I'm thinking this is just the start of this ... anarchy among the bascially non-clothes wearing? Yeah they look all organized and in accord but I'm smelling trouble. I'm staying tuned.

Hold the phone! Your dog wears clothes? I'm covering Penny Lane's eyes right now. Glancing over, the chicken, the rabbit, the seal, the bear, the weasel, the squirrel, the monkey, and the amorphous being named Bluto are all unaware so far of what you're up to. I will also stay tuned. We may be due for some reorg...

By the way, the attendance system was instituted a number of years ago after a couple of autumns in which we discovered, after moving from Gloucester to Cambridge, that somebody had been left behind.

This is just pure brilliance! I can't help but wonder how long it took you guys to create this post in its entirety, but it surely will live in MY memory for some time! :D

BTW... I'm tentatively planning a sojourn to Boston around 1/20 till 1/25, probably by myself. Once something more definite is known I/we will certainly be in contact with you and Robert.

Hugs to you!


Oh, most cool. Hope this becomes real. And if you needed a place to stay we could supply that.

Well actually....

but we'll discuss that later as time draws nearer.

Heartily seconded. If you could find a way to stay through the 27th, that would be cooler still.

I just know the Pigs are going to come when you least expect them and take over everything.

Wot's this? Immigrants were involved in the decision-making process :-0!

Indeed. We've got a couple of Canadians, too (thank you, bratman).

Now I can see them, which are those?

They don't show up very well in that picture. They're a smallish beaver and a smaller bear, both in very dark brown -- Sergeant Major Torrington and Sergeant Minor Quentin, respectively (they are, or were, Mounties). I think one or both might be just visible in front of Miss Griggles the striped cat, but I couldn't swear to it. (It's definitely true that not everybody is actually visible in the picture.)

...and of course, being Mounties, they could be hidden, hoping to catch Purple Traitors unawares.

Here are the Mounties, minus their hats. Torrington on the left, Quentin on the right. When Torrington first arrived he attempted to pull rank and did get arrested and was placed in prison for a few days. We decided he wasn't a terrorist so we let him out.

...on probation I trust?

There's no telling with Canadians.

Two weeks ago at the parish Christmas Fair, there was a "Guess the name of the rabbit" where the rabbit was a very large stuffed rabbit. His name was "Flip-Flop", but HWMBO guessed "George". No one guessed correctly. I later got them to change his name to George (for the princely sum of £10) and he joined the menagerie that was pictured earlier this year in my blog. Then, last Saturday, St. John's was having its Christmas Concert, where the raffle included an electric blue bear (in honour of the European Union). One of my tickets was picked second, and I forewent a bottle of rum and a DVD player to pick him up. HWMBO doesn't think they'll get along, but I've assured him that they're on the best of terms. Pix may follow later. All I know is, I'm really glad we don't have to take an inventory and get them to move to another home twice a year.

So who is the champion of the cause? And what is their common mission? Have they articulated it yet?

And are they recruiting? You know if one falls off the bed, you may find another cell forming down among the dust bunnies.

Clearly the Canadians need to be put in charge.

Oi! Watchit!

... mounties ALWAYS get their man, y'know.

the Oi! Watchit! comment was me. responding to curlygrrrl's scurrilous "There's no telling with Canadians" comment.

I'm not sure WHY I wasn't logged in there.

bratman said Clearly the Canadians need to be put in charge.

obviously, I'm in complete agreement.

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