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Minor Tivo mystery solved

Suddenly the Tivo started scheduling recordings of The Andy Griffith Show with episodes from 1960. We don't let the Tivo decide what we see except for what we asked it to track. Therefore it must have been from a wish list - and we have very few of them. A check of the show's info revealed no matches (since everyone on our list is too young).

We do have Ken Burns on our list. We did notice someone named Ken ... and another person named ... Burns in the cast list.

Some more snooping and comparing showed that we had erroneously entered Ken Burns as a keyword match instead of Burns, Ken as Director and that is why. Interesting that in the almost 2 years we've had the Tivo and I think Ken Burns was on the list from pretty early on we have no such instances of this match.

Yes, of course, we never read the manual.

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...we never read the manual

Ah, two men after my own heart.

Tivo's playing with you and that just tickles me.

While we were at it we found out why our "Downey, Robert Jr." wishlist item hadn't snagged any movies. We had somehow managed to fail to check the option to record items matching the wishlist. And I had just assumed that none of our cable channels had shown any Robert Downey, Jr. movies in the last year and a hlaf.

Our tivo is now experiencing a weird hiccup. I often clean out "deleted items" by permanently deleting things, which is my way of feeling better and also keeping around episodes of the Daily Show or Colbert Report that we've already watched, but hey, maybe we can show that fantastic segment to a visitor, but all without risking unwatched content. (And I also keep BSG episodes around as long as possible, because I feel the need.)
One of the things I've been deleting permanently is Voltron. Except... there's this one episode that Just. Will. Not. Die. I have tried deleting it a dozen times; I have recovered it and then tried deleting it all over again, but still it torments me! (that was for lisa, not that shes reading; earworming is habitual.) I was wondering whether the title - "My Brother is a Robeast" - had anything to do with it. A sekrit message or something.

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