JWG (jwg) wrote,

Minor Tivo mystery solved

Suddenly the Tivo started scheduling recordings of The Andy Griffith Show with episodes from 1960. We don't let the Tivo decide what we see except for what we asked it to track. Therefore it must have been from a wish list - and we have very few of them. A check of the show's info revealed no matches (since everyone on our list is too young).

We do have Ken Burns on our list. We did notice someone named Ken ... and another person named ... Burns in the cast list.

Some more snooping and comparing showed that we had erroneously entered Ken Burns as a keyword match instead of Burns, Ken as Director and that is why. Interesting that in the almost 2 years we've had the Tivo and I think Ken Burns was on the list from pretty early on we have no such instances of this match.

Yes, of course, we never read the manual.

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