JWG (jwg) wrote,

too much christmas music, and yet...

I've been complaining about the incessant christmas music that you hear in stores, etc. So what did I do? Doing our lovely dinner yesterday I played some records of christmas music. Christmas in Anglia is one of my favorite records with really nice 13-17 century English music. I also played the Latin American side of Christmas in the New World omitting the American side at rsc's request because of too much Billings. And then I played a CD of Boston Camerata's A Baroque Christmas.

Yes, I still have records (60's folk and jazz and lots of early music) and an unstarted project to convert some of them to CD and/or some undecided-upon format on my Mac. My record player needed a bit of care - loose connections but it still works. When I was filing away the Christmas in Anglia record I discovered a second copy (I actually thought I had a CD but couldn't find it).

After dinner and before desert we took break and watched the end of the Eagles/Cowboys game (where they played bits of Jingle Bell Rock). When we were visiting Robert's brother in Philadelphia last weekend he was lobbying his wife to not go to a party so that he could see the game - I think he was in luck since the game was at a different time than he thought it was.

And then I played the tape I have of the 1979 Christmas Revels, one of several that I performed in when I was a member of the Quadrivium. This was the French Revels, which has very rarely been done. Included was the Abbots Bromley accompanying the traditional horn dance which of course I couldn't see. And there was a mime where you could only hear the occasional coughing of the audience. Later there was the Kyrie/Christe/Kyrie of the Machaut Mass that we performed. This is the first known mass written by a single composer (1300-1377). Our instruments included sackbutt, lysarden, shawm, ducian, and rackett. Later they were teaching the audience the round: Orleans, Beaugency, Notre Dame de Paris, Vendome, Vendome... When we were in the Loire Valley this past spring I was trying to remember the round but couldn't quite do it.

And now I need to repair the cassette tape which came detached from the hub at the end of side a of tape b.

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