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Xride and Prejudice

Last night rsc and I went with several others to Chris and John's to watch Pride and Prejudice - the 1996 Masterpiece Theatre version with Colin Firth as Darcy. This was such a great show - I remember seeing it. All of us are English Country Dancers so we had fun commenting on the dances they did which of course we've also done. Since we took lots of time to prepare and eat dinner we only saw the first three hours (it is 6). At that point it was close to midnight and the other people went home. Sometime in the future there will be a continuation to see the rest.

We stayed overnight so we watched a few minutes of Bride and Prejudice, the Bollywood version, particularly a couple of the dancing scenes. What a mishmosh of cultures. Here we have a 19th century english aristocracy story with american and indian actors pop singing in English and much dancing on streets in India with various Indian cultural items and costumes. It was hilarious. I've got to see the whole thing some time.

I did notice on IMDB that among the various Pride and Prejudices there is Poultry and Prejudice:
In this social drama/satire, Tessa Darcy, a self-absorbed local beauty queen prepare to enter her chicken, Heidi, into the Birdsville County Fair.

And then there is Snide and Prejudice which seems to not be related at all:
At a mental institution, the resident physician, Dr Cohen, encourages his patients who believe they are important Nazi figures to act out their fantasies. The therapy sessions show Hitler consolidating his power by assembling his gang of supporters; however, they are interrupted at times, once because Davidson's uniform is at the dry cleaners, and another time because a patient who believes he is Picasso interrupts a session.

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I adored Bride and Prejudice

a friend of mine has just finished a musical version of Pride and Prejudice and he is doing a full reading of the piece tomorrow night.

so hopefully there will be yet another version to see soon!

I'm glad that you had a good time with Chris this weekend - I couldn't help but feel as if I was drinking his wine all weekend; the programme he prepared for Saturday afternoon was a huge hit, and we all had a great time with Flower and McLaren, whom he still has to hear someday.

I wish we could have had him here this weekend; I'm glad you had a good time together despite the weather.

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