JWG (jwg) wrote,

getting ready for our trip

We are about ready to go. We leave for LA tomorrow and then NZ the next day. All hotel, car, and train reservations are made, maps and directions printed. I repaired the zipper on the jacket I want to bring yesterday so I don't need a last minute trip to get another one. I think I may try packing today because I want to see if I can fit my laptop into my carry-on bag - I'm not going to take the laptop bag also. Some day Apple may make small ones - there was some gossip about this because of some patent filings and recent job postings. We still have to decide what books to take. We are taking the Rough Guide NZ guidebook.

There'd almost be enough time to watch all three of the Lord of the Rings DVDs, but then again.... We did watch Whale Rider and learned a bit more about Maori culture that way.

We had tickets tomorrow to a Dawn Upshaw concert that we were sorry to miss, but it turns out that it was cancelled and will perhaps be rescheduled later tis year. I generally don't like sopranos, but I really like Dawn Upshaw so maybe we'll actually get to see her this year.

And we are busy using up the potentially perishable food.

We will miss Tuesday this week, but then 3 weeks from now Wednesday will take two days.
Tags: new zealand, travel

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