JWG (jwg) wrote,

LA and Venice

We started our trip with a layover in LA. On Sunday night after we got to the hotel in Venice Beach we met pinkfish and fj at the bar next door where they'd been watching the Academy Awards. We actually saw Helen Mirren getting her award for The Queen while obtaining our car at Budget. Of the Oscar nominees that was the only movie we'd seen this year!

The day we drove into town to see their loft, a work in progress, with a fair amount of familiarity to their old Fenway place because of much of the same furniture; we then went to lunch in Little Tokyo. They certainly live in a neighborhood with some pretty interesting shopping possibilities - clothes, fabrics, flowers, toys districts with many shops. It'll be interesting to see how that looks after 10 years of the gentrification that has already started.

After this we returned to Venice Beach - and looked around the canals and the beach. There is this little district with canals not much like the real Venice, but still it looks like a nice area.

Finally we went to and early dinner withkenrudolph before getting to the airport for our 12 1/2 hour ride to Auckland. The plane left LA at about 9PM but it took quite a while to get to the International Dateline so we did get a bit of Tuesday before it turned into Wednesday.
Tags: new zealand, travel

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