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Places I lived

-----With Parents:
Apartment in NYC (Park Ave & 90th St) 1938-1948
Summer house (rented) in Deal NJ 1938-1940
Summer house (owned) in Deal, NJ 1941-1946 last seen in 1999 - supposedly to be torn down
House in Scarsdale, NY
Apartment in NYC (Lexington and 71st) 1948-1949
Apartment in NYC (Fifth and 74th St) 1949-1956
Summer house (owned) in Stormville, NY 1950-1960
Rooms in Baker House - MIT Dorm 1956-1960
Apartment in NYC (W 82nd St) 1960-1961
Room in John Jay Hall - Columbia Dorm 1961
Room in rooming house in Cambridge 1962
Apartment in Belmont, MA 1962-1966
House in Cambridge 1966-present! (first rented 2/3 fl apt, then bought) (first with Meg (wife) then solo, then with Robert (husband**))
Summer House (owned) in Gloucester 1978-present (with Robert)
Should also consider cabins in 2 summer camps as camper and councillor for 14 years of 8 week summer sessions
VT 1948-1951, ME 1952-1958, VT 1959-1961

2. Favorite place.
I am very grounded to whereever I live so I guess in some sense my current Cambridge and Gloucester places are the best. But, I'd say my parents summer house in Stormville was pretty special. We had 145 acres - wooded, hilly with some huge fields, and 1700 blueberry bushes planted by the previous owner, and lots of rock gardens with cultivated and natural plants done by mother. It was called Hidden Brook Farm - the brook was pretty hidden because it was dry almost all the year.

3.Moving stressful or relaxing?
I wonder if anyone likes moving? 2 summers ago we had major renovation done to the Cambridge house so we moved lots of stuff to storage; doing so gave us the opportunity to discard lots of stuff, but the place is still over full and I haven't unpacked everything yet. I first moved here in 1996 and during this recent move, I unpacked a couple of boxes that had been untouched since 1966 - discarding most of it.

4. Location or Price?
Location. I like being in the bustle of the city and in the country in the summer. Here in Cambridge it is a 5 minute walk to 2 good grocery stores, the gym, a great used book store, city hall (I get involved in local political issues, the subway and many busses, and 10 minutes to clothing , Books & CD shopping, the Public Library, etc.

5. Dream place?
I kind of like where I live, so why dream?

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