JWG (jwg) wrote,

Cape Foulwind

We went quite far north on the West Coast of the South Island back a few days ago on Monday (Sunday for most readers). In fact we went as far as you can go by car. On the way back we stopped at Cape Foulwind, so called by Captain Cook when he encountered lots of it. It was pretty calm when we were there. We went for a walk to a lookout and on the way back encountered some of these on the path:

Needless to say there are lots of sheep in New Zealand and we've eaten parts of them quite a few times - no not these ones.

Nearby there was another lookout where you could see a seal colony. They were pretty far away and these brown and grey creatures were sitting on brown and grey rocks. There were some small pups - this one was feeding - and some of the seals were swimming. Before people came to New Zealand there were no mammals - a reason why so many flightless birds survived. But perhaps these seal ancestors were there but I guess that doesn't quite count.

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