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A couple of cars

On the road from Wellington to Napier we espied this car in front of us - fortunately rsc was driving so I could easily photograph it.
nooks, did you suddenly move to NZ?

In Napier I've seen lots of vintage cars. This Bentley roadster was parked in our motel's parking lot. It's owner drove it away this morning wearing one of those cool leather helmets. There is a Bentley sedan in the parking lot now and I saw among other things a gorgeous Buick, and a right hand drive Fiat 600 - I didn't know they made them,

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Wow, that's incredible. I have absolutely no idea (of course).

There are some very fun personalized plates here in California (notably "WIRRRR" on a Prius in the parking lot).

My handle is a matter of tradition rather than actually liking it a great deal, so I'd probably not get that license plate; I was sad to find out that I was not the first person to want to have "rm -rf" as a plate (with the new symbols allowed on CA plates, you could even have "RM RF *" complete with spaces and all. It's so unfair.

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