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Home Sweet Home

We're back. It was a great trip but it was nice to sleep in my own bed last night. ~18 hours in planes in one day (one day =wed-tues-wed) is a bit too much but not nearly as bad as I thought. Early this morning when I awoke to go take a piss I had been dreaming about being somewhere and as I got up I wondered where the bathroom was - it was a pleasant surprise to discover I knew where it was!

3 thermostats, 4 clocks, 1 palm pilot, 3 timers, 2 phone clocks had to be set for DST. BTW the NZ phone we rented did not reset itself last week when NZ went off DST.

Now off to the post office to get 3 1/2 weeks of mail and then to the grocery store for food - the larder is pretty bare. And I see I have to scrape a bit of snow off my car.

Soon I will have to deal with the almost 2 1/2 gb of pictures.

And did I mention the jetlag?

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(Deleted comment)
Jet lag is weird. We got home at about 10 PM last night, dealt with a few things, ended up going to bed about 11:30 (pretty much our usual time). I didn't sleep very well, although probably better than I thought I did, and we got up at around 9:00 (a little later than usual, but not much), and sat down to breakfast saying "This feels like morning". Then sometime toward the end of breakfast: "I'm starting to feel sleepy" -- "Me too, but I thought I'd better not say anything."

We got the mail. We sorted the mail. We need to buy a pretty much complete set of groceries. and we'd better do it now before we fall asleep.

Well welcome back to both of you.

I enjoyed all the pictures.

Oh! the jetlag :-/

I'm glad you're back safe and sound.

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