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Sony - blecch!!!

I have this Sony Stereo receiver (STRDE897) that occasionally powers off. When it does it it make a popping sound and can't be turned back on for a couple of minutes. Generally when this happens after turning it back on it is fine for a few weeks. Occasionally a bunch of lights that might be supposed to spell something light up but it seems to be in Sanscrit or something similar. I sent it back twice - 4 mos and 9 mos after buying it for a Warranty repair which cost me ~$50 in shipping. In each case they said they resoldered something.

Since we came back from NZ it won't stay on for more than a couple of minutes.

I bought it in Dec 2004 and thus its 2-year Warranty has expired. I got a letter in the mail from Sony saying that my Warranty expires on Apr 4 and would I like to purchase an Extended Warranty.

I called Support and in spite of the two repairs they would not extend the Warranty. I could send it back and for ~$120 + shipping (perhaps both ways) they would work on it. I'm not going to do that.

I called the Extended Warranty people and they said - oh if you bought it in Dec 04 the offer doesn't apply and it was their mistake to send the offer. I wasn't going to buy it anyway.

I tried to find out on the Sony Web site the name and address of the Customer Support VP but it couldn't be found. Oh and the Sony Web site didn't work properly with Safari - FireFox was ok.

I bought this receiver because when we got the Lord of the Rings DVDs we wanted better Surround Sound so we had to get new speakers too. And since I wanted to be able to play records (which I rarely do) I needed one with a preAmp.

So its time to buy a new receiver.

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Your card from Warkworth, New Zealand arrived today. Mucho thanks - it even references Nanookville on that sign, now how cool is that! We are twinned with the NZ Warkworth, you know, but I dont know alot about the place.

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