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Moi Jan04

Off to the periodontist

teethI've been again having some bite and gum problems in at the upper right rear of my mouth. My regular dentist suggested extraction of the rear-most and/or a consult with a periodontist so I'm off to that this afternoon. If it is an extraction that will be my first other than Wisdom teeth. Since it is the rear-most it doesn't need to be replaced. I got to take the Xray with me so I of course scanned it.

I will still claim I'm not even middle-aged yet!

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My theory is that what makes people middle-aged is raising children. (Not that everyone who raises kids is middle-aged; but those of us who have not done so will never be middle-aged.)

Perhaps...but I'm inclined to believe a lot of it is confomity to picket-fence, and the burdens that brings!

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