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tooth out

This morning, the Periodontist extracted my rear upper molar. I've been waiting all day for discomfort but it hasn't come so I guess I'm OK. Not filling the prescription he gave me for Tylenol with Codeine seems like the right decision. Still have to eat soft food until tomorrow.

Taking out the tooth was a bit like the large rock that was entwined with the roots of a small tree I removed with a crowbar and grub hoe the other day.

He wants to do root planing and scaling. To keep up with the gardening theme it's just like you do to trees I guess.

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I dunno -- I haven't scaled a tree in years.

But but but... Fish have scales; trees have bark.

I hope you kept / reclaimed the tooth (or the fragments thereof).

I had my upper right wisdom tooth extracted (fairly simply)last fall. I got it given to me in a green plastic pill-box like container with a cartoon tooth on the lid, and I got not-one-but-TWO coins from the Tooth Fairy.

Pretty spiffy if I do say so myself.

(it was two $1 loonie coins. last time the tooth fairy visited, I was living in england and the going rate was sixpence)

so, what happened? enquiring minds need to know!

I didn't keep the tooth. I already have too much stuff.

And there was no tooth fairy last night.

well of COURSE the Tooth Fairy didn't call, if you didn't have a tooth to be collected. You don't need to worry about "too much stuff", she takes it away, you get the cash.

(sigh) didn't you figger this out before sitting in the dentist's chair?

opportunity lost now, I fear...

Speaking of coins I noticed a Half Crown in my pile of odd coins the other day. And when in New Zealand I found a 1 Rand coin on the street. I can't find my father's old collection of south american coins, but I have his box of several hundred 1943 pennies - those were the zinc coated steel pennies.

coins of long ago and far away

a few months ago I got a UK 5p piece in change (in lieu of a dime), which I gave to an 8yr old of my acquaintance who think such things are neat-o. At least that time I kept it -- a couple of weeks before, my local milk store gave me a foreign (?Cuban?) coin instead of a nickel, and like a twit I declined it. for the cost of 5c, my young friend could have had another nifty coin for her hoard of goodies.

Just before I came to Canada, I got half-a-crown a week in pocket money. Initially the pocket money was a penny for each year of your age, but when I got to ten, I got boosted to 2/6 (aka 30d). [for comparison, a letter cost 4d to post, and a standard chocolate bar was 6d. So I got the cash for 5 chocolate bars, or 7.5 letters.] When I got to Canada, it became $5/week

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