JWG (jwg) wrote,

Busy Weekend is an understatement

This weekend was the annual NEFFA folk festival. It took place at the Mansfield, MA High and Middle Schools for the first time; it had been at Natick for many years.

At this festival there is lots of Contra Dancing, English Country dancing, other forms of folk dance and music (including ShapeNote singing) , crafts sales, and food. This is a huge event; 6-8000 people attend.

Our dance organizations, LCFD and its affiliates, ran an Italian Food Booth as we have done for several years. The profits (we don't know how much we made) go to help pay for bands, callers, and rent and some of the organizations, particularly our English Country Dance couldn't survive without the extra funds (I know this since I am its treasurer, as well as the LCFD treasurer). We had lots of volunteers such that there were several people working in the kitchen and 4 or 5 people at the booth at all times . Setup started at 2:30 Friday afternoon; we went to midnight on Friday and Saturday and finished cleaning up a bit after 6 on Sunday; tarting time was ~9am on Friday and Saturday. We sold pasta with or without meat or veggie balls; marinara, butter, or pesto; eggplant parmagian and ravioli (these from a local restaurant); salad; cookies, muffins, made-there scones, iced tea, lemonade, coffee, tea), hard-boiled eggs and probably something else I forgot.

Chris Ricciotti, our Queen Mum, was the chief organizer and head chef, (and at the last minute he accepted the additional responsibility for Kitchen Manager which got us some extra volunteers). It was a lot of hard work, but most of us (even Chris) got time for some really nice dancing. I worked more hours than I expected, as did a lot of people. Various dancers who showed up pitched in and helped. It was a good cause, people had a good time working there and everyone was very cheerful.

I am still somewhat exhausted - particular since standing a long time is tough on my feet. Never the less we are about to go to Gloucester for the afternoon to do some work there since the water was turned on and there is lots of stuff to do.

If I am reincarnated I am not going to run a restaurant!
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