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Off to Dance Camp in a couple of hours

In a couple of hours we'll be off to Dance Camp for the weekend. It's raining a bit now and we may get some more this afternoon and tonight but the rest of the weekend looks good which will be a welcome change to last year's camp at this time when there was about a foot of rain.

I'm set for Saturday night's ball.

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Has it been a year already?? Wow.

But, mainly...

You look stunning!!! Very nearly couture. Have fun and bring back pictures!

Has it been a year already??

Dance Camp is twice a year. Last one was in September. (Next one is in October.)

The tafetta is just stunning on you.


My, what a lovely little bit of crumpet you are.

Camp seems to be the obvious word, darling(s)...have a lovely time and talk soon I hope.

Fetching. Thank god for the beard or you would be a bit washed-out.

There's going to be at least one missing waltz this weekend . . .

Ooh, that's so much more shape-flattering than those caftans you often wear (though they certainly are flowy and stylish)!

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