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The Quantity Theory of Infinity

I was looking at the books at my brother and sister in-laws' house and espied this book:
The Quantity Theory of Infinity
Such a title looked quite intriguing and the author was Self so I took it down (while thinking about the companion book The Quality Theory of Infinity).
Actually the title was The Quantity Theory of Insanity. Now this could make more sense and since my sister-in-law is a Psychiatrist I thought perhaps it was a text book. Actually it is a book of short stories that are quite weird; the author is Will Self.

A short fragment:

"To say he had a prognathous jaw would have been a gross understatement. His jaw shot out on a dead flat line from his neck and went on travelling for quite a while. Looking at the rest of his face the most obvious explanation was that his chin was desperately trying to escape his formidably beetling brows. These rolled down over his eyes like great lowering storm clouds."

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Now that's bad enough to win an award.

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