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A getting knives sharpened tale

We have some kitchen knives that needed sharpening. I posted a query on ne.food about places to do this and I got 4 responses. One person suggested a kitchen store on Newbury street, but opined that they would be expensive; another suggestion was for General Grinding in Medford.

So rsc and I looked them up on switchboard.com - whose map listing was not quite right, but I called them and the phone answerer said GSI, can I help you and I asked where they were. We went there and it turns out that GSI is a restaurant services company and they have this grinding shop. We went in and saw piles of metal boxes each of which was labeled with a restaurant's name. A couple were open and contained a few knives. There were hundreds of these boxes; these must be the people who sharpen every local restaurant's knives. In the back of the shop there were about a dozen people doing this grinding. Some one came to the front and took my two knives and went to the back - no conversation at this time. Five minutes later someone brought them back and gave them to us. Then the first guy came back and said "Oh, that'll be $2". We paid and left with our newly sharpened knives.

In these days, who can get anything done these days for $2? That Newbury St store would probably charge $15 and made me wait a week at that.

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