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We always plant Sensation Cosmos in the same bed.

Today, the first one bloomed, about a month later than usual! There are some more buds but still not a lot. I have fertilized them twice recently with high-phosphorus fertilizer which is supposed to promote blooming. Our cherry tomatoes were very late too, but there are huge amounts now. The Bright Lights Cosmos in a nearby bed still have no buds.


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I'd never heard of the Cosmos before, and then in the span of about an hour there are two posts on my friends list about them. What are the odds!

Oh, flowers. I thought you were planting drinks and I was all confused.

All of our flowers are late in Shelburne as well...dahlias just budding, tomatoes just beginning to color, zucchini just beginning to bear. I know we're a zone cooler than Gloucester, but everything is in blazing sun.
Aren't Cosmos wonderful, though? Perfect for arranging, they arrange themselves!

Our annual dahlias produced one flower, and then went silent for several weeks. There's now another significant bud, and maybe a few more little ones. I assume this is because they're not getting enough sun.

W still don't know why all the purple alyssum died. This has never happened before.


Our Camelia reticulata hybrids are flowering a month *early*.

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