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Segway tour at Pacifica

On Monday some of the remaining motss.con attendees went on a Segway tour at Pacifica
. After initial training (some of us had done it before last year at the MPLS con) we set off, first on flat ground --

and then up and down some hills where we had nice views of the surfers among other things. I discovered I could Segway with one hand and the other holding the camera.

This is a bit more what it is really like with a few bumps.

We did see an emu on the way:

And this sign on the old railroad station:

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That emu looks cross and bored, though.

I thought it looked inscrutable.

Not enough cheese sandwiches!

Ibis are weirder, though.

Considering the apparent size of the enclosure, would you blame it?

Indeed not.

The real telltale is the state of the soil near it.

As I might have mentioned, there are a few copies of that sign floating around; I saw one in a bar in Allston, for example.

I still have no idea what the history of the signs is.

Wow, those things really book! I was worried on each of the hairpin turns that you were going to overshoot and the video would be rather more exciting than I bargained for :}

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