JWG (jwg) wrote,

Saturday museums in San Jose

On Saturday as part of the motss.con trip to San Jose we went to several museums. On the way from the CalTrain station we crossed the Guadalupe river, which wasn't much of a river at this point, but there certainly were some interesting colors.

Nearby were these swarms of bugs

We went to the San Jose Quilt Museum, a lovely place that had several exhibits with War and Patriotism themes. Most of the quilts were from Afghanistan with emphasis on the Soviet occupation. There were also South African apartheid and Iraq themes as well. Some typical rugs whose pictures I snarfed:

And then there were these knitted bombs in the entrance:

We also went to the San Jose Museum of Art. Among other things they had a striking exhibit of paintings by Martín Ramírez, a man who spent most of his life in a mental institution and did all his painting there. This exhibit closes Sept 9. Also there was an exhibit of Camille Rose Garcia (closing Sept 23) which is described as follows:
"an artist emerging from the Los Angeles underground scene, whose narrative-based works express an acute political consciousness. The artist’s seemingly light-hearted paintings and drawings of charming cartoon-like characters actually depict dark tales of violence, corruption and greed, and seek to comment on the turmoil of contemporary society."
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