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Sunday trip to the American Heritage Museum in Palo Alto

On Sunday (Aug 19) some of us motss.con goers went to the Museum of American Heritage in Palo Alto. This is a historic house with early 20th century furnishings. There is also a room set up as a store and the garden houses a print shop among other things. Some things in this place looked a lot like unzeugmatic's apartment except that he has more stuff.

All the conveniences of home with some pretty neat clothing drying hangers.

Some more stuff - vibrators and the print shop

People in the garden

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I'm sorry I missed the motss.con!

she-who-was curlygrrrl

you're right, it does look like steve's place! fascinating.

(the electric vibrators look positively alarming)

Whose place?

I'm going to charitably assume that that was a typo, and that you would never intentionally call unzeugmatic "Steve".

clearly my fingers were not paying attention. I'd certainly not speak to him to his face without an "n" in that word. duh.

Thank you for the photos. When my parents come to visit, I will take them here.

I keep my old items in their boxes in my basement storeroom -- including my collection of vibrators, going back to about 1919. Although lately I've given a few of them away, since the basement is not really a good place to keep old cardboard boxes from disintegrating.

I would actually have nearly all of that specific stuff in the store, except that I have a friend who has half a house devoted to his collection of "old stuff in original boxes" and I used to ship him a carton a month, picked up at estate sales when I moved to Minneapolis 20 years ago and was not employed for many months (so I could go to 20 estate sales a week).

But, um, yeah.

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