JWG (jwg) wrote,

At San Francisco MOMA

On Tuesday, after lunch with Ned (baybryj), Lars, and Jed )xlerb)rsc and I went to San Francisco MOMA before the baseball game.

There were several special exhibits there (closing in mid-september). Matisse: Painter as Sculptor was particularly interesting in that it showed the relationship between his sculptures and painting and how he attempted to learn about what he was seeing and doing by switching from one medium to the other while depicting a subject. Also there were several instances of the same sculpture done at different times - where he'd make a mold of a casting out of clay, carve it up to change it (hair, facial properties, etc,) and then make another casting.

There was an extensive exhibition of photos Martin Munkacsi: Think While You Shoot!. He was originally a Hungarian sports photographer who branched out with lots of interesting takes on people.

There were a couple of pieces by Felix Schramm which I characterize as a spaceship made out of wall-board crashing into a room in the museum - parts of which were seen in an adjacent room. Since I was obey the no photos rule I didn't take any pictures of it.

Project, Transform, Erase: Anthony McCall and Imi Knoebel was an additional exhibit. In a dark room there was a projector with light and a smoke generator that created a cone of light with a varying pattern on the edge of the cone when seen from the side. People experimented with variations by standing in the light beam or waving their hands in it. The pattern of light which was projected on the wall was constantly changing.

try this.
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