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about to embark for the Greek Islands

rsc and I are about to fly off to Athens via Paris for a Greek Island Contra Dance cruise on the M/S Hellenic Beauty, a 145 foot schooner. Island hopping during the day and contra dancing at night; should be lots of fun. I was last in the Greek Islands in 1973 (not counting a trip to Crete at another time). eblaug_rss and her Robert are also going - they've done some of these trips before and always raved about them.

On that trip I went to Athens, Paros, Ios, Thira (Santorini), Ios, Athens - traveling by ferry. It was supposed to be a 2 week trip but the day the Thira to Piraeus ferry was supposed to leave there had been a storm and there was no boat. Since my departure was timed to get to a once-a-week rehearsal and because I thus missed it I stayed an extra week. Last week I was rummaging around by ~4000 slides looking for the ones I took on that trip, but I never got that far. This reminds me of my never executed project to cull out the best slides and scan them - I did start but it was so tedious - perhaps a faster scanner and better software would help - we'll see.

On this trip visit Kythnos, Paros, Thira, Naxos, Mykonos, Delos, and Syros.

As an aside, when our research group at Bull got a bunch of Sun Workstations in the early nineties, I named them paros, ios, thira, and several others - the vanilla unix server was named Cyclades.

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B.V.! I'll miss you. Hope the trip is wonderful.

You guys couldn't have gone via London?!

Enjoy your trip! People keep telling me I need to visit the Greek isles...maybe someday. :)

damn--i think i will just miss you in paris! are you coming back via paris, too?

Well we aren't really in Paris - just changing planes at CDG without much spare time. Perhaps we should have broken up the trip but with nice fall weather and baseball games to go to (we hope) ....

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