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WS Ticket

Conflict for a RedSox fan

Big problem coming up.

The RedSox have won 3 games and have two more in Denver before returning to Boston. We have tickets to game 6 on Wednesday. So what to do? Root for them to win tonight or tomorrow if not tonight as of course we will, or hope that they lose so we can go to a game?

And on another front, I guess it is time to buy a new iMac - I was awaiting until we returned from Gloucester. And that'll mean the mothballing of my 6 year old Dell and no more Windows machines. It'll have Leopard so that'll mean that I have leopard, tiger, panther, and jaguar I my four macs - this is not including OS9 on my beige G4/G5 that I don't use anymore anyway and wasn't recommended for upgrade to OSX because it had an early revision ROM.

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(Deleted comment)
Yes, all unused tickets get refunded. We'll also get a refund for game 5 of the division series which wasn't needed.

We screwed up. Twice. (1) Having been assigned the task of "drawing cards" top see what order we and our co-owners would pick games, I should have taken first pick by right as the official owners (and the ones who do all the work and front the money), instead of actually drawing cards and having us come out last. (2) We should have just taken game 1 of the Division Series while we had the chance, and risked the (nonexistent, as it turned out) conflict.

so that'll mean that I have leopard, tiger, panther, and jaguar

Oh, good, a house full of predatory cats.

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