JWG (jwg) wrote,

Big problem - what to name it

My new iMac arrived today, a day earlier than expected and I can't start it up because haven't decided what to name it. I thought I had another day.

In a mish-mosh of two forms of geekery...

I'll probably keep with the Flemish composers theme that I have been using (the soon to be decommissioned Windows machine is Josquin, my old beige G3/G4 mac that I don't use is Ockeghem, my dual G4 is Obrecht, my G3 Powerbook is delaRue, and I have either Palestrina or Lassus in the basement - a 601 that probably doesn't run anymore.

The choices are:
Dufay, Regnart, Binchois, or Clemens non Papa (probably with spaces removed). An old work machine of mine was Dufay, but I'm OK with reuse of names - I had both Ockeghem and Obrecht at work once. And I have an earlier Mac laptop also named delaRue. I figured that laptops which roamed and of the street kind of fit.

An exception to the Flemish rule is my current iMac which is Machaut who was French and a century or two earlier.

Another possibility is Pachelbel - I like the sound of the name.

I do intend to move what was Josquin to a virtual machine in Parallels and I guess I'll name it desPres. The virtual machine running Windows on delaRue is called Pierre which was his first name.
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