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Moi Jan04

Big problem - what to name it

My new iMac arrived today, a day earlier than expected and I can't start it up because haven't decided what to name it. I thought I had another day.

In a mish-mosh of two forms of geekery...

I'll probably keep with the Flemish composers theme that I have been using (the soon to be decommissioned Windows machine is Josquin, my old beige G3/G4 mac that I don't use is Ockeghem, my dual G4 is Obrecht, my G3 Powerbook is delaRue, and I have either Palestrina or Lassus in the basement - a 601 that probably doesn't run anymore.

The choices are:
Dufay, Regnart, Binchois, or Clemens non Papa (probably with spaces removed). An old work machine of mine was Dufay, but I'm OK with reuse of names - I had both Ockeghem and Obrecht at work once. And I have an earlier Mac laptop also named delaRue. I figured that laptops which roamed and of the street kind of fit.

An exception to the Flemish rule is my current iMac which is Machaut who was French and a century or two earlier.

Another possibility is Pachelbel - I like the sound of the name.

I do intend to move what was Josquin to a virtual machine in Parallels and I guess I'll name it desPres. The virtual machine running Windows on delaRue is called Pierre which was his first name.

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I prefer Palestrina, myself.


I just named my new computer susan-server. It's now working with susan-PC. My little Lifebook is named Lifebook. And my work laptop is named Work Laptop. No imagination wasted here! When I figure out how, I think I'll name the network Boring!

You know, in my documentation that's the sort of thing I have to name things in my examples. myfs. mynewfs. oldfs. newvolume. testvolume. gfsvolume. Lots of developers like to name system components things like Lucy, Fred, Ethel, and Ricky, but anything culturally-specific is kind of a bad idea in this multinational translating world of ours.

Here I am, bursting with silliness, ready to provide examples that would amuse the erudite, and I am forced by The Man to tone things down.

Also by that little bugaboo of easy comprehension. Darn it.

I vote for Clemens non Papa. As you probably know, (Bob,) it means "Clement -- not the Pope", to distinguish the composer from his ecclesiastical contemporary. And then we have catalogers and so on who treat it as a last name and list him as "Non Papa, Clemens", or possibly "Papa, Clemens N.".

Not to be confused with Roger Clemens and not David Ortiz (big Papi).

> Another possibility is Pachelbel

Unwise. You'll eventually want to shoot it out of a cannon.


or Clemens non Papa (probably with spaces removed).

There's also the alternative of using hyphens, as for example in what I'm typing this at:

$ uname -mnsr
Linux city-of-dreadful-night.xlerb.net x86_64

My new iMac arrived today, a day earlier than expected and I can't start it up because haven't decided what to name it. I thought I had another day.

Name it "Will". Problem solved. Next.

Pf. I'd think he doesn't want his computer going down all the time.

I figured he'd enjoy the subtle reference to William Tell. Oh, and the idea that he can run around saying to Robert all the time "where there's a Will, there's a way!"

You people are a BIG help.

Thank you.

You meant that sincerely, right?


How about MonkeyBoy?
Nope, bad idea.

So when he gets angry at it he can spank the monkeyboy?

And he actually called me up to try to convince me to name it after him. It was too late; it had already been named Clemens non Papa

That post is übergeeky on so many levels. You are my new hero.

And I vote for Clemensnonpapa. :-)

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