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Greetings from Clemens non Papa

Clemens non Papa is up and alive.

I was wondering where the extra 2 gig of memory was - it was due to be delivered today. So I checked my order at OWC which let me to the UPS tracking site which said it had been delivered and sure enough it was on the floor downstairs having been thrust through the mail slot. I could have checked first, but...

It's nice having 3 gig of memory, Machaut only has 1.5.

Still must install Leopard - I bought it after Leopard was released but since it had been shipped to MacMall before it had the Leopard install disks. And Parallels too.

I also got an Epson CX8400 all-in-one which will only cost $25 after I mail in the rebate form - also have rebates for the Mac and for Parallels to deal with. At least now I can copy paper work without having to go out to do it.

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(Deleted comment)
Well, the "non papa" part is Latin anyway, or so I believe.

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