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At the Harvest Ball

Last Saturday the JP Contra Dance had its 10th annual Harvest Ball. This event as orchestrated by our Queen Mum, Chris Ricciotti, is a Victorian era ball with Contra Dances, Quadrilles, and Waltzes of that time. These dances are mostly graceful and bit slower than the more modern contra dances that everyone likes these days (although a few of which I've heard described as the Twirl and Barf types).

Most of the attendees were dressed up in various vintages of clothing. Robert wore his tux and I fashioned a 20's type slinky dress with headpiece made out of a lacy stole wrapped around a beret, white gloves, pearls and pearl earrings, and the wrong kind of shoes and socks.

Prior to the dance we had a candle-lit elegant pot-luck dinner with a huge array of kinds of food. The chock full of wonderful desserts table was setup during the break in the middle of the dance. This dance was very well attended and l'd think that everyone had lots of fun.

eblaug_rss had a nice posting about her take on the dance.

Thanks to homorphus for this picture. He was taking lots of pictures and videos as well.

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You both look mahvelous!

those look like the right kind of shoes to dance in to moi. and I notice that both footwear and hose are black, to go with the gown - it's impeccable, m'dear. no worries.

one of the few times i've done drag to dance in, at Trawna Triangle Squares fly in oh gosh a decade ago, Pearl Choker wore a black crushed-velour spaghetti strap number, with similar gloves to yours, and black (panty)hose. But I made the mistake of getting 'the right' shoes. black suede anglican-church-lady shoes, with just a ::small:: heel. and they fit (ladies size 11). But after two hours of dancing, my dogs were barking something fierce.

trust me, those are the RIGHT kind of shoes, not the wrong kind.

Lovely photo! (And I love the gloves.)

although a few of which I've heard described as the Twirl and Barf types

Hmm. I haven't heard that phrase with reference to contra dances (rather than amusement park rides). I suspect this comes from the kind of wimps people who persuaded Lisa to ruin tinker with the end of "Dead Cat Bounce".

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