JWG (jwg) wrote,

Three women talking

Sitting behind us in Jordan Hall while waiting for the Chodos concert to start (it was fantastic) were three middle/older aged women chatting. It could have been a home-care advice show.

They started with one explaining that she had just cleaned her kitchen cabinets because some of the flour, grains, etc, had become infested with flour moths. [We're familiar with this game having just had to discard a bunch of stuff.] It turns out that each of them had had this problem. Put the stuff in jars, or plastic bags [even this doesn't always work as we have discovered] they chatted on suggesting to tear off a bit of the package with the label to put in the jar. [A good idea that I wish we sometimes used; one day this summer I was making bread in the bread machine and I had to do quite a lot of guessing and had to eliminate a couple of recipes because I couldn't recognize the ingredient.]

One said, thank heavens for Pesach; it makes you throw away lots of stuff every year - enforced spring cleaning! I think this is a demonstration for the saying Cleanliness is next to Godliness.

Then there was how to cook oatmeal and whether Irish Oat Meal was better (no, one said) and the suggestion to buy in bulk at Whole Foods because it is cheaper, and the comment to not bother with organic because it wasn't worth it.

How long can you leave stuff in the freezer? One said she'd had some stuff for quite a while. There were various suggestions. [This evening we threw out a container of unremembered soup and a freezer bag of something quite unrecognizable except that there seemed to be penne in it.]

One of them has had some contractors in who were renovating the kitchen and as a result the refrigerator had been unplugged several times for the day. The question was what food was at risk and should be discarded. Mayonnaise was identified. To top it all off, this person was about to have house guests for the weekend and what should she do if the kitchen isn't restored. A possibility was to have them stay next door at a neighbors. It turned out that the neighbor's daughter had stayed at her house for 6 months several years ago so that sounded OK.

Another problem was a trip for thanksgiving with various family members. The big problem was that she had a 5 passenger car, but at some point in this trip 6 people had to be transported so should she take two trips or find another person to drive. And the whole thing was complicated by one of the grandmothers that was pretty fussy about things and wasn't really well liked and should really just stay home because there was another thanksgiving thing several days later for other parts of the family anyway.

At the intermission we chatted with them - about the concert, not their radio show - after getting the usual are you two brothers thing.

At the end of the concert (long because he played 3 huge Schubert sonatas) after several trips back (where he looked quite exhausted) to acknowledge the applause he walked over to the piano as if he was contemplating an encore and folded down the lid.

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