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Odd catalogues received in the mail

I get an huge amount of mail - it seems almost like a 1/2 cubic foot per week and there is some pretty strange stuff. Recently the mail included two surprising catalogues.
One was M&M's World which among other things allows you to order customized collections of M&M's in any combination of 21 vibrant colors. Who knew there were silver or purple m&Ms. How about the Brown & Cream which "bring stablity and protection and fight security", or Pinks which "causes gently stimulation of the senses and relaxation of the muscles." Who needs doctors when therapies like this are available?
And then there is Heifer International - for $120 you can give a goat to some needy family who needs livestock. Interestingly enough, in 2001, Worth magazine selected them as one of the 100 best charities in the country.

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I wonder if they'll take cows as a donation? We have some we don't want...

It's Not Yours.

I never realized John read Worth magazine. I think I am going to call him Tool Of The Capitalist Patriarchical Overstructure from now on. But in a loving way.

It's Not Yours.

Location is 9/10ths of the Law (or something like that). Remember, in Texas, if you're trespassing, your ass is buckshot-fodder.

Heifer International has always had a great reputation. Hey, it works.

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