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Previous Occurrences

At the Boston Sports Club that I go to the Sauna and Steam Room have had signs on them for several weeks saying:
Closed until further notice because of previous occurrences
Cleverly obscure / clear terminology.

They were open again today; they've always had warning signs about health department .....

For all the times I've been there - usually mid-day - I've never encountered any occurrences. Too bad, not nearly as much fun as many Ys, although the Gloucester Y that I go to in the summer is also occurrenceless.

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I love signs like that

There's one at my gym that says:

For your safety
Towel off completely.

I feel so unsafe when I'm all wet.

Towel off completely

now here was moi interpreting that as being anti-prissinessmodesty.

"You! with the towel on! take it off completely!"

which can only add to the gaiety of nations.

(that line drawing of moi - it was actually sketched (in about 180 seconds, I was impressed) by an artist friend while I was posing for a student of his. So in the case of that drawing, I was towel-off-completely)

Yeah, but were there any "occurrences"?

once the student left, yes.
(the [male] student was, I think, rather flustered about another male standing naked in front of him, expecting to be looked at. David (artist friend) told me that he did several not-bad sketches of me, but that in the sketches I completely lacked genitalia.

I would have felt rather like Barbie's boyfriend Ken, except that he has underwear permanently moulded to his body.)

What is it with steam rooms this week? You're my third LJ friend mentioning one in his journal, though the others described "occurrences". In detail.

it's winter. people want to get warm, so they go to hot rooms where one sits around with minimal-if-any clothing -- and we all know where THAT can lead. (yippee!)

speaking of which, I think I'll go to my condo's sauna now.

You have such a high class of friends.

You are so *Bostonian*.

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