Victoria Falls

We arrived at Victoria Falls, the destination of our Rovos Rail trip. Such an incredible place. It is the world's widest waterfall - just about a mile wide.

A bit before the trip I had read that there wasn't much water flowing over the falls because of a significantly large drought in southern Africa. But that was based on reports from a few months before and clearly was no longer true - we were there in mid-January.


Rovos Rail - embarking

We started our trip on Rovos Rail; embarking from Pretoria to destination Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe - a 3-day/night trip It is a luxury train; we had a nice room with a good sized private bathroom. You were suppised to wear elegant casual clothes and for dinner it was tie and jacket or nice dress. (I had to practice tying my tie several times to get the Windsor knot.) The food was very good - three meals plus afternoon high tea.

Lots of opportunity to see beautiful places - and there were a few stops to wander around places and one safari.

First view out of train:

View of rear lounge/observation car.



We didn't spend much time in Pretoria but saw some interesting things.

Some well-known South African bears:

The capital building - One of the three South Africa government cities - this is the administrative section - legislative and judicial are in other cities:

And a statue of Nelson Mandela:

In a park:

And protests from natives who were moved out: