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19 October 1938
I'm a married gay man living with my husband in Cambridge and Gloucester (summer) MA. I grew up in NYC.

I'm a computer software person, 99% retired having been a designer, manager, researcher and patent consultant. As a programmer I wrote code generators for Fortran Compilers; I worked on Multics for about 20 years - managing the Cambridge development group; I had several corporate staff positions; and in a research group worked on a collaborative system for doing software inspection.

My favorite social recreations is Contra Dancing and English Country Dancing and do one or the other 1-2 times a week. I spend too much time participating in various local Cambridge political things - I was very involved as a citizen appointee on several committees working on the plans for a new public library - now to open in fall 09. I'm currently a co-chair of the Cambridge GLBT Commission. I end up being the treasurer of many organizations that I get involved in - such as Lavender Country and Folk Dancers and Boston Gender Free English.

I'm an only child with no known living relatives other than some distant cousins.

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